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Meggan Van Harten

Join Meggan from Design de Plume and discover how Indigenous accessibility diverges from general compliance principles. She'll delve into cultural considerations and Indigenous perspectives that foster inclusive solutions and help you gain valuable insight from her agency experience. Learn how to meaningfully apply accessibility standards for Indigenous audiences, while creating engaging projects that resonate. Challenge norms, embrace inclusivity, and focus on creating positive change through this insightful presentation.

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Von R. Eaton

We use the term "community" often, but what is the broader implication and importance of this word? In sociology, a community is a group who follows a social structure within a society, bound by a sense of belonging sustained across time and space. The often unspoken element of community is power dynamics: both individual and collective. This session will engage attendees on the key components of creating and sustaining healthy communities.

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Nikki Flores

Those of us who work in technology know how to work with multifaceted and diverse teams to solve complex issues for our end users. Becoming stronger, more empathetic communicators who foster diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across the organization is a continuous goal and many would say we are all a work-in-progress. In this talk, we ask “How do we better foster a sense of inclusion and allow for different types of people, with varied abilities and skills, to work together to solve problems for the future?” We'll present ten tips for fostering more inclusion in technology, based on a compilation of tips presented through a previously-published blog series.
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Anderexis Bates

Father Hen's House is a newly started Youtube series project where Father Hen addresses topics through the lens of disability, sexuality, & gender mainly.

The videos are broken into small 3-part series that cover a topic through the different lenses, often with the help of guest speakers. The goal of the project is to provide a digital resource to answer questions that people may be afraid to ask. Father Hen will go over the project's inspiration and where the project is going.

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Tearyne Almendariz

Kat Shaw

In discussions about accessibility and diversity, our thoughts tend to jump to ARIA links, screen readers, and people of different ethnicities. While these are key aspects to both topics, this talk will push your thinking to considerations beyond accessibility and diversity basics.

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Caroline Boyden

Lucy Greco

As a designer, a developer, or a content creator, you know your product inside and out. If you’re serious about making it a pleasure to use for all, you might be looking for a fresh perspective on it. Why not get some people with disabilities involved in your testing?
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