With your help, we can create the most accessible and fun space possible to learn, share, and grow digital accessibility knowledge in our community, through our mission and values.

Since its inception, A11yTalks has hosted a variety of live talks and panels covering topics related to digital accessibility for beginners, developers, and creatives. All of these videos are streamed and then archived on the A11yTalks YouTube channel with updated captions.

Our content is available to the public as a free resource for digital accessibility education as well as continuing education credits for certified International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP).

In 2022, we assembled an all-volunteer team, passionately contributing time and energy to sustain the project, and we became fiscally hosted by a non-profit, Open Collective Foundation 501(c)(3).

Now, we need your support to help us meet our accessibility goals, compensate our amazing speakers, and improve our livestream productions to provide the best value possible for our community.

How to give

Your financial contributions are tax-deductible because A11yTalks is fiscally hosted by a non-profit, Midwest Open Source Alliance 501(c)(3).

Individuals: Join the A11yCat Club

You can set-up a Monthly Recurring Donation or a One-time Donation through our Open Collective page. Each level has some contributor benefits as our way of saying “Thanks for being a part of A11yTalks!”

To receive your A11yCat coaster and/or sticker, please follow the instructions on your donation confirmation email from Open Collective. These will be mailed out in monthly batches. Email us at “team [at] a11ytalks [dot] com” if you think we’ve missed you. We promise it wasn’t on purpose.

Join the A11yCat Club

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Benefits are fulfilled based on donations made the month before each talk.

Give a One-Time Donation

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Benefits are fulfilled based on donations made the month before each talk.


Organizations: Contact us

We prioritize relationships with organizations and web communities that practice disability inclusion and align with our mission and values. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting our project.

  • Email: team [at] a11ytalks [dot] com
  • Twitter: @A11yTalks

Give a One-Time or Recurring Donation

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All dollar amounts are listed in USD.
Benefits are fulfilled based on donations made the month before each talk.

Budget priorities

PriorityItemMonthly CostAnnual Cost
1Live captions$150$1,800
2Speaker stipend$100$1,200
3Streaming service$20$240
4Live ASL interpreter$300$3,600


Live captions

Staying true to our value of accessibility, high quality live captions are our top priority to ensure our live stream is accessible to as many people as possible. Our current vendor provides live human-generated captions.

Speaker stipend

We believe in compensating our speakers for the time they spend creating amazing content and sharing it with our viewers.

Streaming service

Streamyard is our tool of choice. A paid subscription gives us more flexibility and control in how our talks are presented, giving us all of the features of the basic plan.

Live ASL interpreter

Including live American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation would allow us to reach even more people than captions and further increase the accessibility of our content. See Shattering Assumptions About Deafness - Meryl Evans for an example of our content delivered in ASL for viewers.


Operations include necessary technical items such as domain renewal, web hosting, etc. We have also included general liability insurance, which would protect the A11yTalks project from claims like libel or slander. These costs are billed annually.

Measuring our impact

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