Beyond the Screen Reader - Humanizing Accessibility

Alanna Burke

When we talk about accessibility, we talk a lot about the technical bits, the alphabet soup - WCAG, AAA, WAI-ARIA, Screen readers. But what we don’t often talk about is what it really means to be accessible - how do we ensure we are including everyone and empowering every user in every scenario to use our sites, products, and devices? Are we including trans folks? Parents? The chronically ill? People with limited literacy? The injured? If you’re wondering how these folks might be affected by accessibility and you want your website to be inclusive for everyone, this is the session for you.

Streamed: February 20, 2020 (1pm ET)
Speaker: Alanna Burke (Twitter - @aburke626)
Slides: https://events.drupal.org/seattle2019/sessions/beyond-screen-reader-humanizing-accessibility