Digital Inclusion - What? Who? Why?


According to the WebAIM Million project, the single strongest indicator that a page will have numerous accessibility errors is whether ARIA is present or not. Pages with ARIA actually have 65% more issues than those without. So what is going on?

It seems by trying to be digitally inclusive and help individuals and groups to access and use information and communication technologies - what we’ve really done is make it harder. So what can we do about it? Who does digital inclusion effect anyway? And why is it important? Join us for a panel discussion on this complex topic!

We have Liz Davis, Nic Steenhout, and Justin Yarbrough participating with Carie Fisher.

Streamed: September 25, 2019 (1pm ET)
Panelist: Liz Davis (Twitter - @lizdavis__)
Panelist: Nic Steenhout (Twitter - @vavroom)
Panelist: Justin Yarbrough (Twitter - @FatElvis04)
Moderator: Carie Fisher (Twitter - @cariefisher)