“Accessibility is too hard” - Developer Edition


In this panel, we’ll dig into people’s misconceptions about the difficulty of accessibility as well as some of the ways that accessibility is genuinely difficult. Join the discussion with Aisha Blake, Kathleen McMahon, Scott O’Hara, Jared Smith, & Marcy Sutton with Caitlin Cashin as host.

Streamed: December 13, 2019 (2:30pm ET)
Panelist: Aisha Blake (Twitter - @AishaBlake)
Panelist: Kathleen McMahon (Twitter - @resource11)
Panelist: Scott O’Hara (Twitter - @scottohara)
Panelist: Jared Smith (Twitter - @jared_w_smith)
Panelist: Marcy Sutton (Twitter - @marcysutton)
Moderator: Caitlin Cashin (Twitter - @caitlinthefirst)