The Many Lives of a Notification

Sarah Higley

Live regions pop up all over the web, for both good and questionable reasons. They can be intimidating when starting out, and frustrating for those who regularly deal with them. Do you really need a live region for that combobox? How do you make toast notifications noticeable for someone using screen magnification? Why does this one error message refuse to work with VoiceOver, even though it's fine with NVDA? This presentation will take a look at when and how to use different types of live regions, some alternative possibilities, and how to debug problems as they arise. Finally, we'll touch on some areas where even the best current implementations still fall short, and where things could go in the future.

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Accessible Game Design - It’s 2 Point 1 fun!

Cyndi Wiley

Long before we crushed tiny candies on our screens, dice games were among some of the first known to be played as far back as 5000 BCE. The theory of play is a well-researched area with roots in anthropology and psychology. Games have emerged throughout human history as an expression of play. Accessible game design is an area that has not been as well researched. In this presentation, you will learn how to get started checking games for accessibility using WCAG 2.1 standards, and how to get started designing your own games.

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