A11y Axioms - What Are the Basic Truths About Accessibility?

Mike Gifford

Mike wanted to do some basic modeling for accessibility and realized the need to simplify things. This is how the A11yAxiom project got started on Twitter. He wanted to define some essential truths in order to help people get a better sense of how to approach digital accessibility. This session will cover some of those approaches, and conclude with a Q&A at the end to see if we can’t make them better.

Streamed: May 28, 2020 (2pm ET)
Speaker: Mike Gifford (Twitter - @mgifford)
Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1eJuocJbqjXjf8xBUBAnTq0dWWkp3IXcejuhsr1E2q1Q/edit Project: https://github.com/accessibility/Axioms